Business practice

Greenwashing or force for good? Redifining the role of marketing

Next-generation of communication strategies has to drive positive change, and business growth at one go in order to create value for the economy and society. Marketeers discussed different aspects of how to create a mix of values, transparency and sales to achieve this.

Fixing nature could be the best strategy for business

Nature underpins our wellbeing and prosperity by providing economic value and security, also increasing our resilience to climate change.
Two independent reports reveal insights on the state of biodiversity and financial explications to address these environmental challenges in a way that could benefit businesses.

How to make a coffee with a conscience?

What does it take to make a good cup of coffee and enjoy it guilt-free? The coffee industry has a huge impact on local communities at the origin and many controversial issues related to the supply chain. The story of Irish company Java Republic, has started 20 years ago when no one really knew the true cost of making coffee, yet they still wanted to be ethical and transparent.

Turning funky bags into a piece of advocacy for sustainability

Dublin-born sisters and designers, Jacki Parker and Nicole McKenna, embarked on the journey of creating the Wild by Water brand to share their love of everything that is naturally wild and water-related. They decided to combine their skills and passion for turning every accessory they make into a piece of advocacy for sustainability.

The big bamboo revolution

For a long time, the only choice for green promotional items was to go with the ’boring brown’ products. Bamboo can easily replace disposable plastic and even cotton in many cases which makes it easier for companies to build a better image without compromising quality, design or sustainability. But what makes this plant so unique and how it can revolutionise branding options?