Profit with Purpose magazine

The mission of the ‚Profit with Purpose’ magazine is to use the power of communication to raise awareness, inspire actions and empower innovators to create a sustainable economy.

The magazine features ‘easy-to-digest’ content related to value-driven business, responsible research and innovation, sustainable finance, impact investing, circular economy, climate change, sustainable development and everything at the intersection of People, Planet, and Profit.

The first issue was launched in spring 2020 to promote Responsible Innovation and value-driven business practices that could help 'Build Back Better' from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This print format magazine features educational and inspirational overviews of recent trends, research projects, business practices, opinion pieces and stories about leaders of change.

It is distributed directly to business hubs, funding agencies, office spaces, academic institutions and relevant organisations in Ireland and Europe, where readers can access it free of charge.

Our readers are leaders from business, research and policy sectors passionate about creating innovative solutions that could contribute to building a sustainable and just society.

How to get involved?

Media / Press

Feel free to send us relevant press releases or get in touch for media partnership options. Contact details for PR and media enquiries:


The editorial team welcomes contributions from writers, researchers, business leaders and innovators who want to share their work and expertise to inspire value-driven change. You can easily apply here to learn more about becoming a contributor.

Pick-up points

Are you running a co-working or office space, a business accelerator programme, a training facility for entrepreneurs or a research centre? By becoming an official partner, your audience can access the magazine for free! To learn more, please get in touch:

The magazine is published in Ireland and supported by the Enterprise and Economic Development Department at Dublin City Council and Local Enterprise Office Dublin City.


Why the print format?

It might sound shocking for the first time that the magazine is only available in print format BUT we have some good reasons why:

Since the covid pandemic has started, the amount of time we spend in front of the screen increased dramatically.

Which is, let's be honest, not good for mental health and not even for the environment.

There is a perception that digital is better if you are looking for a sustainable alternative.

However, hosting big files could create a huge digital carbon footprint.

Just consider the fact that sending an email with a bigger attachment can have a carbon footprint of 50g CO2 emission.

Profit with Purpose magazine

So we wanted to create something that you can actually touch and feel and read from the comfort of your couch or sitting out in the park. Allowing you to enjoy good old fashion reading, and maybe scribble a few notes on the pages of the magazine.

The production is done with every care to make it environmental friendly from start to finish, and we are in the process of carbon offsetting activities related to distribution.