Zero Waste Berlin Festival welcomes back eco-conscious attendees in September

Zero Waste Berlin Festival welcomes back eco-conscious attendees in September
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Citizens and entrepreneurs interested in zero waste, circular economy and sustainability will get the chance to connect in Berlin.

The second annual Zero Waste Berlin Festival (ZWB Festival) will be back on 17-19 September 2021 at Malzfabrik in Berlin to welcome people interested in the Zero Waste movement, Circular Economy and Sustainability.

The ZWB Festival aims to provide a space for citizens, impact entrepreneurs and key players to create transformative changes in their everyday life and business.

Organisers are offering a great variety of programmes on-site and online, creating a space for citizens and professionals to learn and network, with the hope of building a greener future together.

All live events will take place at the iconic location of Malzfabrik in Berlin, a place shaped by creativity and culture, standing out through its environmentally conscious set-up.

The Zero Waste Berlin Festival will be hosted at the Malzfabrik venue in Berlin; Image: ZWB Festival

There will be seven main categories at the event, focusing on Green Cities, Green Tech, Sustainable Fashion, Lifestyle, Sustainable Food Systems, Activism, and Self-Care.

The schedule includes creative workshops, art displays, lively discussions, exhibitor area and many other formats with opportunities to learn and get involved.

“This year’s event will be an international meeting point for all the people interested in zero waste, circular economy and sustainability.

We aim to create an event where people can find practical solutions, make connections and enjoy this experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are excited that we can finally celebrate in person, welcoming attendees from Germany and also from other European countries,” says Coral Ruz, Founder and CEO of the Zero Waste Berlin Festival.

Early-bird tickets are already available online for citizens and professionals to purchase and join the movement.

The event will also host an extensive exhibition area and offering space for exhibitors who wish to reach a broader audience to accelerate the green transition.

Coral Ruz, Founder and CEO of the Zero Waste Berlin Festival

Ruz adds: “This year we will feature well-known inspirational speakers from different fields, such as Alina Bassi, Founder of a textile recycling company, Kleiderly and Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020; Sophia Hoffmann, zero-waste chef and activist; David Johannes, co-founder of the first zero-waste restaurant in Germany; and Alexander Piutti, serial entrepreneur and angel investor committed to social impact.”

The ZWB Festival was founded by a Spanish project manager living in Berlin, Coral Ruz.

When she realised that no international zero waste groups were holding regular events in Berlin, she decided to create a Meetup group called Zero Waste Berlin International in May 2019.

The ZWB Festival grew from there as a result of this constantly growing movement.

Since then, the start-up has held ten events and reached more than 40,000 people.

Headline image: Malzfabrik