Movement to unite and support beach and river clean-up projects all over the world

Movement to unite and support beach and river clean-up projects all over the world
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The Moving Water Alliance was launched to offer funding, educational materials and various supports to help non-profit projects addressing water pollution issues.
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The Planet Calls non-profit organisation launched the Moving Water Alliance in August 2021 to unite and support beach and river clean-up projects worldwide.

This new movement offers access to funding, educational collateral and support to help organisers develop and grow their teams to address water pollution issues locally.

The idea of creating this Alliance sparked from witnessing the amount of waste that has been skyrocketing since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Single-use plastic, like sanitiser bottles, aprons, masks, and gloves, is now making its way to not just landfills but natural habitats like oceans.

Tarryn Johnston, Chairperson, Moving Water Alliance

The increasing amount of pollution is putting more strain on already exhausted marine life and other ecosystems.

“I decided to become a Chairperson for Moving Water Alliance because I have an already well-established river clean-up non-profit-organisation based in Gauteng, South Africa.

I have created a model that anyone can replicate with enough drive, passion, and commitment to saving our rivers and oceans.

We want to assist more people and non-profits in doing the same all over the world,” says Tarryn Johnston about how she started this movement.

Johnston is no newcomer to river pollution clean-ups since she formed a non-profit in 2019 called Hennops Revival in South Africa.

Since its inception, she has removed almost 1.3 million kilograms of pollution from the Hennops River in Gauteng province together with her team of volunteers.

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses who sponsor some clean-ups, she could offer employment to the homeless and people in need from the local communities.

Her tried-and-tested business model will now be shared with members of Moving Water Alliance to help them solve a massive environmental problem while uplifting communities through the employment that these projects can provide.

Membership is free, and members can expect to receive various supports in growing their beach and river clean up teams.

Organisers of the Moving Water Alliance envision this initiative to become a home for existing river or beach clean-up projects and a welcoming space for those who would like to start such movements.

Members will be able to reach out when they need advice, encouragement or just a conversation with someone on the same page and find guides and friends with one common goal: saving our planets precious water bodies and marine and aquatic life.

The Moving Water Alliance encourages grassroots organisations and projects from this field to share their project, so the Alliance can amplify their reach and support them in their journey to make a positive impact!

Johnston adds:

“We are looking to guide and assist people who are in it for the long haul, as we understand that it didn't get this way overnight and neither will it be fixed overnight.”

The Planet Calls launched this initiative, hoping that having a global movement will certainly come with a weight and help create awareness of the rising number of people willing to stand up and do the work.

“At the moment, we are working on member welcome packs, which will include "how-to" guides and informative, encouraging material as well as the launch of our digital magazine scheduled for October,” says Tarryn Johnston about the next steps.

The Planet Calls is a non-profit foundation focused on sustainability and circular economy advocacy, educating people about how to treat the Earth with respect and care to accelerate change.


Headline image: by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

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