Life without traffic jams?

Life without traffic jams?
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With a new Smart Mobility platform organisations can resolve their employees commuting pains and reduce emission at one go.

As a Wicklow resident living more than 50 km from Dublin but working in the city, Maurizio Sturlesi experienced all the negative aspects of everyday commuting. He got so frustrated that he wanted to tackle the mobility challenges that all commuters face every day: traffic and parking congestion and air pollution which all together have a negative impact on health and climate change.

Sturlesi teamed up with Carlino Gonzalez who was working at a multinational company outside of the city centre and spent 3 hours on public transport every day, therefore understood the challenge very well.

They both worked in the IT sector, so it seemed logical to create an innovative digital solution which will make it a lot easier for people to switch to smarter travel modes that are greener, save time and money.

The two founders envisioned an easy to manage data-driven application which enables users to find smart commuting options.

Founders of Sharo: Carlino Gonzalez (left) and Maurizio Sturlesi (right)

“I believe that the concept of transportation needs to be changed radically!

Public and personal transport systems were designed more than 100 years ago, and now with technology, we can revolutionize this industry and improve the lives of millions of people.” Carlino, Gonzalez, Co-founder of Sharo Technologies.

Smart Mobility

Modern transportations must have a positive impact on the environment, economy and society.

Smart Mobility is the promotion of sustainable mobility that guarantees accessibility, transport systems, parking management and the solution of related environmental problems.

The end result is that community members, such as employees or students, will travel smarter, quicker and cheaper while significantly reducing their carbon emissions and local traffic and parking congestion.

Key benefits of Smart Mobility for organisations:

  • Attract and retain talent: reduce stress level associated with commuting and make travel easier with additional fun challenges, rewards. Connect everyday actions with company culture and values.
  • Become active in tackling Climate Change: cutting CO2 emissions by reducing local traffic and parking congestion.
  • Save money: less spent on recruitment and savings on parking, fleets costs and carbon taxes.

The Sharo Smart Mobility platform provides a unique solution for organisations with a set of tools and a highly automated process to analyse their community’s travel habits and challenges.

Once they have a clear, always updated picture of the situation, this platform helps them to find the best smart mobility choices.

Insights from the founders

Taking care of business

Our belief is that the need for mobility will always be there. The only question is how to make it more sustainable and affordable at the same time.

We are on a mission to eventually help get rid of millions of personal vehicles and reduce our partner’s transport emissions by over 50%.

The foundation of our business is that we want to make major positive environmental and societal impact by making it easy for people to switch to Smart Mobility options. 

Our partners who join the platform will identify options which are far more sustainable in terms of energy and resource efficiency while ensuring a better quality of life on a lower cost for their community members.

Recently, there has been more interest in improving transportation within organizations, but we would love to see more action taken by everyone.

Imagine having fun challenges within companies such as “Sustainable Wednesdays”, where people are encouraged to choose a greener way to commute and compete with each other.

The next big thing for us is to partner with organisations in Ireland, both corporates and institutions, who truly want to make a change and be a leader in sustainability and employee wellbeing.

We would love to meet leaders who are ready to take action and drive change in their organisation, district or campus and rollout Smart Mobility pilot programs involving their community members.

We are dedicated to promoting the concept of smart mobility and building a tech-startup at the same time.

For us is not just about scaling a business but creating a positive impact.

The Business SPIRIT Award was one of the first recognition which we had and really inspired us to move forward with our idea.

Ultimately, we envision Sharo Technologies will become a certified B Corporation to ensure that our operation meets the requirements of running a responsible business.

Smart Commute Day in Dublin

The European Mobility Week will be held on 16-22 September 2019. This is a campaign created by the European Union to improve public health and quality of life by promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport.

We are looking for partners to organise a Smart Commute Day in Dublin as part of the European Mobility Week.

The goal is to raise awareness about how Smart Mobility solutions can help tackle urban challenges such as traffic, air pollution and climate change.

Please get in touch if you are interested to come on board as a partner.