Innovative circular program to scale up under new leadership

Innovative circular program to scale up under new leadership
March 2022
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System change specialist appointed to lead game-changing circular economy initiative in the UK.
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The trial program of the re-use model ‘Re’ that already saved over 4 million plastic bottles from landfills, has brought Doug Morwood system change specialist, to take the initiative to the next level as MD.

The UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) Challenge has recently announced £3 million in funding to further develop ‘Re’ across the UK and save over 100 million bottles from landfills within the next three years.

Doug Morwood system change specialist, new MD for the 'Re' circular economy program.

Newly appointed MD Morwood aims higher than expected and wants to ‘reduce single-use plastic on a grand scale.'

“I am honoured to join the Re team and look forward to delivering a truly circular economy system for the UK.

We must move beyond the linear system that results in so much waste, both in terms of materials and energy,” said Morwood on his appointment as Managing Director for the ‘Re’ program.

The new MD aims to lead a data-driven change and engage various stakeholders in a ‘re-use revolution’ within and beyond the border of the UK.

He believes that engaging small and big brands alongside retailers is critical in changing the current wasteful practices, and with 'Re' they ‘have to offer a compelling alternative to the current linear system that damages our environment so much.”

Morwood adds:

“Bringing businesses together to tackle the climate and waste crises is the only way we can solve the problem; collaboration is crucial."

Customers can also easily join the movement by using the Refill App, managed by the City to Sea project, showing users the nearest refill station and places to eat, drink, and shop using less plastic.

Advanced Refill Stations – interactive stations where customers can fill a ‘Re Smart Bottle’ with a product of their choice; Image: 'Re' program

Co-Founder of Beauty Kitchen and the ‘Re’ program, Jo-Anne Chidley, is excited about expanding the impact of this project and seeing the build-up of a team under the visionary leadership of Morwood.

She emphasises that ‘this is an open initiative for all brands in the cosmetics, beauty and personal care industries’ and that they will support implementing the ‘Re’ system and help partners deliver change and ‘enter this ecosystem.’


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