Impact in the making: online matchmaking event for green tech stakeholders

Impact in the making: online matchmaking event for green tech stakeholders
April 2021
Business Collaboration Event
Innovators can join the Impact Connect online matchmaking event to find partners, funding and network, while learning from inspiring changemakers.

To allow value-driven innovators to connect and explore opportunities to collaborate, organisers of the Impact Festival created the Impact Connect online matchmaking day that takes place on the 23rd of April.

Over 150 Green Tech Start-Ups, 200 Corporates and 100 Venture Capitalists have registered, and innovators can still claim their free tickets to join the online event.

Using a comprehensive digital platform enables delegates to interact and find the most valuable connections through a personalised recommendation system.

Besides, there will be keynote speeches delivered by inspirational trailblazers from the impact community, including Torsten Schreiber, climate change activist and serial social entrepreneur, Founder of Africa Green Tec.

Torsten Schreiber, founder of Africa Green Tec, will share insights at the Impact Connect event. Image: Africa Green Tec

Alongside other speakers, Schreiber will share insights about his famous venture, Africa Green Tec, which has developed a holistic solution that makes it possible to supply entire villages in rural regions of Africa with electricity and sustainable technologies.

“We strive to connect the most innovative green-tech start-ups and scale-ups with corporates to accelerate the sustainable transformation in business.

Besides, we match these start-ups with venture capital investors to help innovators grow and establish themselves faster,” explains Fabian Demuth, lead organiser of the event and co-founder of the Impact Festival, about their goals.

"The Impact Festival has quickly become one of the largest platforms for sustainable technologies and innovations in the B2B sector and with the Impact Connect day we wanted to expand the opportunities available for innovators."

Fabian Demuth, co-founder of the Impact Festival

The closing session of the matchmaking day will be presenting the pitches of students who participated in the Impact Challenge programme earlier this year to develop their green innovation ideas further.

The program's main goal was to help young people from around the world to develop ideas into products that help society and contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Teams were supported by innovation experts brought to them by the Impact Festival and other partners, such as the Tech Quartier cross-industry innovation platform.

Designing the Impact Festival and digital platform that brings together the key players who can potentially change the course of business as usual for the better became the mission of Moritz Schwarz and Fabian Demuth, two German innovators.

They co-founded the Impact Festival to connect stakeholders, offer educational content and facilitate collaborations in order to make change happen after getting back to Germany from an eye-opening trip in Asia.

Despite the pandemic, they kicked off their business in 2020, partnered up with the Main Incubator for joint implementation, and started building the project they believed could influence leaders and decision-makers to adopt sustainability into their strategy.

Moritz Schwarz , co-founder of the Impact Festival

Moritz Schwarz adds:

“We see limitless opportunities for impact-driven enterprises as soon as destroying the environment becomes expensive while re-generating it becomes a viable business model.

It all starts with questioning what we really need, what creates value for society and the environment and what makes economic sense.

Businesses that can answer this will become the most sustainable, resilient and thriving in the future.

We already see a start of this change where emitting Co2 becomes more expensive.

Next up is the cost of biodiversity destruction and accounting for other social, environmental factors.”

The 2021 edition of the Impact Festival will take place in Frankfurt on the 16-17 September.

The event will present exciting and innovative technologies, a colourful and international gathering of the Green Tech players from different industries, with many visionaries and motivated changemakers.

“We are focusing on bringing the right content to the right audience and promote the most impactful innovations.

We are not an event agency but a corporate investor that strives to find start-ups that help businesses with sustainable and digital transformation,” says Demuth.

The eight focus areas of the event are derived from the EU Green Deal since businesses need to watch out for the outcomes of this Europe-wide initiative and adapt their operations accordingly.

Organisers also integrated the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a more specific goal to look for the indicators where business can contribute and benefit.