Circular Week 2020 campaign is open for partner applications

Circular Week 2020 campaign is open for partner applications
Business Circular Economy Collaboration Event
One week to raise awareness about Circular Economy, sustainable production and consumption in Europe.

The third edition of the international Circular Week educational and inspirational campaign aims to inspire transformation towards a Circular Economy.

The event will take place between 12-18th October at multiple locations in Europe. Organisers and partners include various organisations who want to raise awareness about Circular Economy, sustainable production and consumption in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Circular Economy requires stakeholders to change their mindset about the use of natural resources and the way of how the economy works. Currently, the industry operates a linear model of resource consumption by using the "take, use, and throw away" principle.

On the other hand, Circular Economy assumes that raw materials and products will remain in circulation as long as possible, and their value will be maximised. As a result, we will extract fewer natural resources and produce less waste, and those created will be used again for production.

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One of the critical elements of realising the potentials of Circular Economy principles is a collaboration between different players along the supply chain.

“Circular Economy provides businesses with the opportunity to ensure sustained economic development, minimise environmental impact and maximise social welfare. However, many barriers still exist. This year we are very glad to do so by joining the 2020 edition of Circular Week together with other like-minded peers throughout Europe to underline the importance of collaboration in the transition to a more circular future.” said Stefan Crets, Executive Director at CSR Europe.

The Circular Week initiative also offers an opportunity to sustainable businesses to promote their work and to stakeholders to connect, while reaching out to the broader public about responsible consumption. Finally, Circular Week is a platform where every organisation, institution or individual could become engaged and take part in this movement and forge alliances.

„In the face of today's epidemiological situation and the economic crisis that we experience, the transformation towards a circular economy seems to be an even more desirable and necessary direction of change”,

said Agnieszka Sznyk, President of the Board at INNOWO,, main organsier of the event. „That is why we would like to invite as many organisations and institutions to participate in the 2020 edition of Circular Week to build partnerships and support the transition into a circular economy.”

Anyone who would like to join the week-long series of events dedicated to the Circular Economy can now apply to become an official partner. Event proposals could be focusing on any elements related to the agenda, such as food waste, sustainable fashion, sustainable construction or agriculture, etc.

This year, organisers will put more emphasis on how to lead to the development of local entrepreneurship, economic stability with sustainable production and consumption.

„COVID-19 made us aware that business as usual is not an option anymore, and that we have to come up with more resilient models. Circular Economy can create jobs and contribute to the societal goals, not as an additional cost but as a business model.” - said Freek van Eijk, Managing Director of Holland Circular Hotspot in regards to becoming partners of Circular Week 2020.

The campaign website provides more information regarding the agenda, partners and details on becoming an official partner.

“Circular Week 2020 will be another opportunity to learn from one another, celebrate our successes and identify new opportunities to collaborate,”

said James Close, Head of the Circular Economy Programme, London Waste and Recycling Board.


The main organiser behind the campaign is the Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development, INNOWO. Other prestigious organisations, such as CSR Europe, Circular Economy Forum Austria, LWARB- London Waste and Recycling Board (Great Britain), Circular Change (Slovenia), Circular Futures (Austria), Institut national de l'économie circulaire (Inec) (France) have joined as official partners of Circular Week 2020.