Business leaders are invited to share their opinion on sustainability

Business leaders are invited to share their opinion on sustainability
April 2021
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Organisational Sustainability Survey seeks to understand where organisations stand with sustainability and to detect their greatest challenges.

The topic of global sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant for governments, individuals and for organisations.

The Organisational Sustainability Survey was created by The Future Living company in collaboration with the HTW Berlin - University of Applied Science to gain a better understanding of where organisations stand and what are their challenges.

All organisations, policymakers and individuals have to be aware of the opportunities and challenges related to sustainability if they want to keep up with recent trends.

A massive transformation is needed to adequately address these topics, which can easily be perceived as too much to handle at first.

A previous research lead by The Future Living team indicated that leaders often see sustainability as a buzzword, which is too vague and complicated to implement in reality.

They also found that organisations face increasing pressure to act and become more sustainable and often find themselves stuck between feeling motivated to act and unable to find the best way to start simply because of little practical guidance.

Dr. Anke Bytomski-Guerrier, CEO and Co-Founder of The Future Living

“We are convinced that we cannot only demand action but need to offer support to make change happen.

To this end, we must understand where organisations stand and what they need exactly.

It is clear by now that the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant for companies and organisations.

We are conducting this study in order to provide an overview of how important the topic of sustainability already is in companies and which implementation strategies are being pursued,” said Dr. Anke Bytomski-Guerrier, CEO and Co-Founder of The Future Living organisation.

The Organisational Sustainability Survey is part of a larger research project, also including interviews and case studies.

The survey is open to all individuals working in organisations and businesses, mainly targeting people in HR, CSR, senior management or other managerial roles to share their experiences.

The results will be publicly available for policymakers, organisations and individuals and will be discussed with high profile academics and industry experts at The Future Living Conference between 3-7 May 2021.

The conference will focus on the topic of ‘Bold Changes’.

It will showcase successful examples of changes from the field of sustainability, provide inspiration and hands-on advice for businesses, organisations and people to conduct their own transformation.

Leaders are encouraged to fill out the survey by the 25th of April, so their opinion can be included as part of the first review of the results.

However, the research will continue to gather more insights.

Dr. Anke Bytomski-Guerrier added:

“With the results, those responsible can not only see the development status of their own organisation in comparison but also gain essential knowledge about successful strategies for implementation of sustainability.

Many organisations have already changed or began their journey to tackle the challenges we are facing, but it is vital to accelerate this development.

We require a common and profound understanding of what businesses and institutions really need to overcome these challenges.

Our research will shed some light on this question and will be shared among all relevant stakeholders to help create targeted supports.

Therefore we would encourage leaders to get involved and share their thoughts by completing this 5 minutes Organisational Sustainability Survey."


Headline Image: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels