Make waves together

The power to change the world for the better is in the hands of every innovator! We created the Business SPIRIT Platform to provide a place where mission-driven business leaders, researchers, policymakers, innovators can easily spot opportunities, get inspired and enjoy extra exposure to showcase their work.

We want to generate positive change by using the power of communication and making news actionable.

So, this platform is here to publish and share content related to value-driven business, responsible research and innovation, sustainable finance and impact investing, circular economy, climate change, sustainable development and everything in the intersection of People, Planet, and Profit.

Becoming part of the solution

Collaboration is vital in reaching out, spreading the word and shining a light on opportunities and inspiration to make change happen. To keep it independent, free and impact-focused we welcome contributors who want to be part of the journey and share their expertise, their work related to any of the fields above.

Therefore, we are looking for allies who feel the need to challenge the way we do business and innovate to benefit society and protect nature. Do you feel like you could contribute and join the community of innovators who are making a positive impact through your work?

You can apply here to become an official partner or contributor >>

There are several ways to get involved from becoming a correspondent, columnist or simply share an open call, funding opportunity or a press release.

Business Spirit Platform

Behind the scenes

The idea of this platform came from the experience of organising the Responsible Innovation Summit, which is an annual international conference in Dublin, started in 2017. Here leaders from academia, business, and policymaking, working on projects related to Responsible Innovation and Investments come together to cross-pollinate ideas, learn and connect.

We witnessed how these cross-sectoral connections, knowledge sharing and stories could shape future collaborations and fuel real-life positive change. So with a small team behind the conference and with passionate partners, we embarked on a journey to launch this online platform to empower and inspire the community of value-driven innovators.

Besides the Business SPIRIT platform, we manage other projects to raise awareness and connect value-driven innovators:

Annual international conference in Dublin

Video interview series

Profit with Purpose print magazine