Your input is needed to create better innovations

Your input is needed to create better innovations
Your input is needed: Collaborate on the open source „Ethics Canvas” framework

Your contribution is needed to create a free tool which can help to build a better society and better quality of life for all of us using innovative solutions with a positive impact.

The Ethics Canvas framework provides a tool that can be part of the solution to the problems that ethics in research and innovation faces. It allows researchers and innovators to reflect on the ethical impacts of their work.

This is as a free open source material which was designed as an intuitive tool that helps innovators to:

  • Brainstorm about the ethical implications of a project and represent them in a canvas.
  • Analyse the ethical concerns of a project considering all stakeholders and find suitable solutions that reflect on shared values.
  • Learn from similar use cases and share your experiences

The Ethics Canvas is an easy to use collaborative tool that assists in the identification of ethical impacts of research and innovation projects and incentivises actions towards tackling these impacts.

Hosted by: ADAPT Research Centre