Circular Economy training for SMEs

Circular Economy training for SMEs
Circular Economy Collaboration
The first MODOS training programme was a 6-week Circular Economy primer for SMEs. It combined a wide range of expertise from business, environment, design thinking, marketing and communication.

The MODOS training is an entrepreneurship programme that encourages the development of innovative and sustainable business.

Businesses that rely on materials to create goods or products that are distributed through a supply chain can benefit most from the training. However, all suitable companies who want to be more efficient and which can potentially profit from the programme are encouraged to apply.

The course is designed for micro, small and medium enterprises to improve their environmental performance and explore new business opportunities at the same time. It provides the tools and knowledge to make this transition happen in the business community.

The training also offers an opportunity for creating competitive advantage, spot new market opportunities, build better customer relationships, and peer-to-peer networking. It also includes the introduction of financial support available for businesses who undertake sustainable and circular projects and the support offered by the Local Enterprise Office.

This programme is an initiative of the Economic Development Office, Dublin City Council (DCC) and the Eastern Midlands Waste Region Office (EMWRO), in collaboration with key stakeholders.

After the first rollout of the programme, the “MODOS Phase II” is coming soon. The goal is once again to facilitate the transition towards circularity by providing the sectoral knowledge and practical resources.