Sustainability and social issues are complex, but we must make information accessible and engaging if we envision purpose-driven business leaders and innovators succeeding in their mission.

Every piece of content is a chance to make change happen!

We create journalistic content that puts impact innovations in the spotlight, gives voice to changemakers and raises awareness.

The Business Spirit News site strives to support leaders of change to spot opportunities, be well-informed and inspired while having a chance to share their stories.

We strongly believe in the power of communication and that it can be and should be used for good.

We write and publish stories to make waves!

All our content stands for making change happen on the ground and is dedicated to leaders challenging the way we do business and innovating to create a world that works for people and nature.

Besides creating content, we joined the Impact Writing Institute as strategic partners to share our expertise and support impact innovators and aspiring writers on their journey.

Working with a hand-picked pool of talented and skilled journalists and writers allows us to create the best version of your story and help you make an impact.

Explore collaboration opportunities or get in touch, as we are always open to having a great chat and driving change together.


Core Team

Szilvia Szabó

Managing editor, writer

Bronagh Loughlin

Journalist and columnist

Rochana Dionísio

Project manager

Renátó Dányi

Graphic designer

Barbara Róka


Tamás Kiss

IT manager